Hello there. My name is Ali. I work as a schoolteacher on the Texas/Mexico border by day and boat build on a dusty ranch by night.

This blog will chronicle the wooden boat building process and serve to help me celebrate the small successes. I intend to pack it full of photographs, how-to's, and ideas to recycle and save money during boat building and outfitting. By documenting my incremental steps forward each day, I hope to show how attaining a life of self-reliance, complete freedom, and constant exploration can be achieved responsibly and with very little money.

I am learning as I go, but I have faith that the tiny steps I take each day will add up to something significant. Perhaps down the road this blog can serve as a resource for others who are wanting to do something similar, but are just as inexperienced as I am now. I'm looking forward to this journey. Along the way, I hope to build lasting relationships within a like-minded community, gain some practical skills and self-sufficiency, and most of all, create the life I've imagined.